Lightness of 

           Being  by Eva

Sound Therapy 

with Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls, wide range of instruments and Crystals

1 session - $150 - 1.5hrs

Complete relaxation, recharge and trauma healing with the help of frequencies and gentle, enchanting sounds

Available in Upper Kedron, QLD and remotely all around the World

Gong Bath for 2

for couples/friends/siblings/parents

Powerful Gong Journey for Two - healing connection, expanding for both

 $200/hour for two

Sound Bath with Gongs 

for groups - indoor or outdoor

Sound bath with Gongs is available in any venue or location

 $450/hour - with crystal singing bowls and Gongs

Sound Bath with Singing Bowls

for groups - indoor

Sound bath is available in any venue or location

 $300/hour - with crystal singing bowls

Special offer

Sound Therapy package of 5

$650 ($130/session)

Save $100 for a 5-session package paid in advance.

Dowsing & Shamanic Space Clearing

On-site or remote service for your home or workplace.

Clearing of the land and indoor area, recharging and energising space

Dowsing and elimination of geopathic stress in bedroom and workplace 

for safe and relaxing sleep and work 

Overall expenses depend on the difficulty of the space and number of rooms.

Dowsing - hourly rate is $ 100 (an average size room is approx. 1-2hrs)

Please ask for quote for areas further than Brisbane Metro area.

Shielding tools are available on site - select from a wide range of shapes and designs.

Prices are between $20-40/each.


0466 896 296

[email protected]