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VIBRATIONAL HEALING: Biological Mechanisms Underpinning 

Sound Therapy & Music Medicine

Posted on: Wednesday, January 26th 2022 at 12:30 pm

Written By: John Stuart Reid

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See below link for research findings of the effect of Sound Therapy 

on nervous system, pain relief, relaxation and emotional release.

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A short excerpt from the article:

"Energy-information is constantly radiated from the body in the form of biofields, as mentioned in part one of this article. The biofields include bio-photonic energy, for example, modulated infrared electromagnetism that is a natural consequence of cellular metabolic processes, in addition to modulations in the electromagnetic fields emitted by the heart, brain and other organs. Quoting from the book's foreword by Dr. Karl H. Maret, who practices Complementary and Alternative Medicine, "when a holographic sound field such as that produced by a tuning fork, which contains complex data structures of pure frequencies with changing phase relationships interacts with the biofield of a person, the cellular memories of various tissues can be reawakened, potentially leading to a healing response. Quantum physical field theory predicts the occurrence of a number of coherent dynamic phenomena in liquid water inside cells and tissues that may be stimulated by sound. This process affects the free electron clouds existing within these coherent water domains, [thus modifying] cellular processes through their interaction with the hydration shells surrounding cell membrane receptors." The biofield tuning method has been shown to consistently reduce anxiety, as well as relieve pain."

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